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Урок англійської мови у 7 класі на тему «Healthy Food. Good eating habits»

Урок англійської мови у 7 класі на тему «Healthy Food. Good eating habits»


План – конспект уроку

Тема: Food

Підтема: Healthy Food. Good eating habits



  • повторити й активізувати лексику теми,
  • ознайомити учнів з новими лексичними одиницями,
  • формувати навички аудіювання,
  • розвивати навички вивчаючого читання з повним розумінням прочитаного і з метою отримання корисної інформації,
  • розвивати навички усного мовлення,
  • формувати навички письма


  • розвивати мислення, допитливість та мовну здогадку.


  • розширити знання учнів про корисні і некорисні продукти харчування.


  • виховувати позитивне ставлення до здорової їжі,
  • виховувати свідоме прагнення вести здоровий спосіб життя

Тип уроку: розвиток знань, умінь і навичок

Обладнання: дошка, текст для читання і завдання до нього, текст для аудіювання, презентація Power Point, прислів’я про їжу, картки для роботи в групах, роботи учнів, малюнки продуктів.




Хід уроку

  1. Виконання пісні “Do you like apples?”
  2. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку

The theme of the lesson is Healthy Food. Good eating habits”

The motto of our lesson is “Full of energy you will feel, after eating a healthy meal”

Today we are going to speak about healthy food and how it helps us to be healthy, fit and look good.

Comeout: At the end of the lesson you will be able to:

  • Use the words on the topic,
  • Listen to and understand what people say about their eating habits and healthy lifestyle,
  • Give advice about eating habits

3. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

а) Warming up. Brainstorming

Make up mind-map. What things do you associate with the word “Food “




Dairy products


























mineral water




cottage cheese



b) Активізація лексики з теми. Учні відповідають на запитання вчителя

Answer the questions:

  1. Why do we eat? –

We eat to live, to grow, to have enough energy during the day.

  1. What does it mean to eat a balanced meal? –

It means to eat products of four main food groups, to eat not too much of the same food.

  1. What are the four main food groups? –

They are:

1. milk and dairy foods (including cheese, yoghurt);

2. meat and fish (including eggs and chicken);

  1. vegetables and fruit (including green vegetables, root vegetables, fruit juice);
  2. potatoes and cereals (including bread, pasta, rice).

4.Аудіювання. Listening

a) pre-listening

Vocabulary. Match the parts of the word-combinations:

to have a well-

balanced diet

to be a


to decide to eat

less meat

to go to

fast food restaurants

would like to

lose weight

like dairy


to eat a lot of

fruit and vegetables

Answer the questions:

  1. What food is healthy to eat? –

Fruit, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, fish, meat - balanced meals.

  1. What food do vegetarians eat? –

They eat meatless dishes.


I want to tell you about my friends’ eating habits. Both Maksym and Natalia think that they have a well-balanced diet. They eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. They eat dairy products three times a week, although Natalia doesn’t like porridge. Both Oles and Maksym are vegetarians. Their mothers cook meatless dishes for them. The boy’s favourite dishes are cabbage salad and holubtsi with vegetable and mushroom fillings. Iryna has decided to eat less meat recently, too, as she would like to lose weight. However, both girls like going to fast food restaurants once a week and usually order the Happy Meal for themselves.

All in all, my friends want to be healthy and think not only about their eating habits, but try to do physical exercises as well.

b) while-listening

Listen to the children talking about their eating habits and tick to complete the table.






has a well-balanced diet?





is a vegetarian?





has decided to eat less meat?





often goes to fast food restaurants?





would like to lose weight?





likes dairy products?





eats a lot of fruit and vegetables





c) post-listening

Answer the questions:

  1. What do boy’s friends want?
  2. What do they do to be healthy?
  1. Розмова про шкідливу їжу.

1. Divide the products into two groups as healthy or unhealthy.

Розподіл продуктів на здорові та нездорові (за малюнками).

healthy food                        unhealthy food

Bread, chocolate, cake, crisps, fried eggs, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meat, milk, potatoes, sweets, cheeseburger, hot dog, salad, pizza, soup, bun, fishburger, rice.

Healthy food

Unhealthy food









Ice –cream



2. Answer the questions:

1. Which foods are unhealthy? –

Chips, crisps, sweets, snacks, fast food.

2.Why are these foods unhealthy? –

They are unhealthy because they contain a lot of fat, sugar or salt.

  1. Which drinks are bad for our health? –

Fizzy drinks are.

  1. How are these unhealthy foods called? –

They are called junk food.

  1.  Читання тексту та виправлення тверджень.

Read the article and correct the statements below.

Fast Food is very bad for your health

A lot of people eat fast food almost every day because they find it very tasty. Sometimes they eat it because they are busy and don't have time, or are too tired to cook.

Firstly, fast food such as burgers and chips contain a lot of fat and salt. People shouldn't eat fast food very often as this is bad for their health. We need to eat a plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fish and meat.

Secondly, fast food is very expensive. The money some people spend on fast food in one week is enough to buy fresh food for two weeks.

On the other hand, some people say that eating fast food saves time. So it's a way busy people can avoid cooking during the weekdays.

Although fast food is usually tasty and easy, people should cook their own meals and eat meat which is full of protein and other healthy products, all these kinds of food will make their lives long and healthy.

1. Few people eat fast food every day.

2. Fast food is full of vitamins.

3. It is not harmful for our health.

4. Fast food is rather cheap.

5. Burger and chips are full of protein.

  1. Прислів’я.

Match the parts of the proverbs

An apple a day keeps

the doctor away


Don’t live to eat,

but eat to live

Appetite comes

with eating

Eat with pleasure,

drink with measure

After dinner sit a while,

after supper walk a mile

  1. Розрядка – виконання учнями пісні про гігієну.

Relaxation. Song. Remember about hygiene

  1. Аудіювання. Звички здорового харчування

Listening. Healthy Eating

Remember 7 healthy habits for your family. Write down the list of advice given in the video

7 Healthy Habits for Your Family

Hi, I'm Nadia Chapman for About.com. Teaching your family a few healthy habits is important for their health and happiness. Here are 7 easy things you can start doing today in order to live a better and healthier life!

Healthy Habit #1: Teach Kids About Farming

It's important to teach our kids where their food comes from, and encourage them to be curious about farming. Take your kids to your local farmer's market to load up on produce, or to your local farm to buy your fruits, vegetables or eggs. If you have the time and space, try growing a garden - even just herbs or tomato plants in pots on your patio can teach a child about farming and eating healthy.

Healthy Habit #2: Go Outside

Make sure your family spends time outside as much as possible. Go on a bike ride, hike near your house, let your kids play outside after school, make a garden or simply walk together after dinner. It will make you feel energized, less tired, depressed or lazy. The benefits of being outdoors are endless, so make it a regular habit for you and your family.

Healthy Habit #3: Avoid the Bad Stuff

A healthy diet is probably the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. You and your family should cut back on salty and sweet foods, and foods that are high in fat. Keep the trips to the fast food restaurant for special occasions only, and please drop that habit of smoking if you are still puffing away. Not only will you feel much better, but you will show a good example to your kids.

Healthy Habit #4: Exercise

Everyone in the family needs to exercise. If you have no idea what to do or where to start, I suggest you join a club such as the YMCA where the whole family will be able to participate to various activities. So turn off the TV and remember to get moving for at least an hour a day.

Healthy Habit #5: Practice Good Hygiene

Mouth hygiene affects your health. You can avoid getting cavities, bad breath, and also gum disease by brushing at least twice a day and flossing every day. Use toothpaste with fluoride and meet with your dentist for regular checkup. Also, avoid getting sick by washing your hands often and having your kids wash theirs as soon as you get back to your house. Always wash hands right before preparing food or eating.

Healthy Habit #6: Get Enough Sleep

How you feel in the morning and how you will spend your day often depends on how you slept the night before -- same thing for your kids. You know yourself and your family best, and it is up to you to respect your body's needs and be aware of the amount of hours each of your kids needs to feel their best the next day.

Healthy Habit #7: Drink Water

Finally, drink more water. Water should be your family's first choice when it comes to drinking. Fill your bottle of water and carry it with you during the day, and make sure your kids drink plenty of water during the day.

Read the written list of advice given in the video.

  1. Усне мовлення.

We invited 3 experts to consult us about good eating habits and healthy lifestyle.

  • :

1. Take the right approach to food. Don’t think about foods as “bad” or “good”. It’s more important to eat different sorts of food of the four main groups:

- Fresh fruit, vegetables and salad.

- Cereals: bread, pasta, rice, other grains.

- Protein food: meat, chicken, fish, eggs, beans or nuts.

- Dairy products: cheese, yoghurt, milk.

Avoid eating junk food.

2. Watch your portions. Pay attention to how much food you’re eating and stop when you start to feel full.

Coach of a handball team:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Your body actually needs a lot of liquid. Avoid fizzy drinks.
  2. Think about fitness. Do physical exercises for 30 minutes every day (like walking, jogging, swimming, or working out at the gym). A healthy mind is in a healthy body.
  1. Eat at regular hours. Don’t skip meals. Then you will not be so hungry and not overeat.
  2. Laugh and smile for a good mood. When you laugh, you breathe better, your blood circulates better and your brain gets more oxygen. One minute of laughing is as useful as a physical training lesson.
  3. Be positive. Look at each other and smile!
  1. Робота в групах. Work in groups.

Everybody wants to be healthy and fit. We can’t buy health. We must appreciate our health and do a lot to keep it.

Now I will give each team a list of recommendations which we should follow or shouldn’t follow to be healthy. Your task is to make Health Code. The first team will tell us what we should do to be healthy and the second team will tell us what we shouldn’t do. Tick the right points in your list.

  1. Get up early and go to bed early
  2. Wash your hands before eating
  3. Smoke
  4. Watch TV too long
  5. Do sports
  6. Clean your teeth twice a day
  7. Sleep enough
  8. Drink Coke
  9. Take a shower
  10. Skip meals
  11. Surf the Internet all day long
  12. Eat too many sweets
  13. Eat between meals
  14. Eat more fruit and vegetables
  1. Підсумки. A magic flower.

We have learned much about healthy food and healthy way of life. And now we can make up the magic flower and give advice how to live healthy and happily. I will give you a coloured petal and you will fill it in writing with what to do to keep fit. And then you’ll stick it round the centre onto the board.

I’m glad to see that you know how to take care of your health.

  1. Підсумки за Comeout
  2. Домашнє завдання.

Home assignment:

  1. Read the text about Alison

Alison is an English schoolgirl. She goes to school. English people always have breakfast in the morning. English breakfast is a very big meal – sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. But Alison never has breakfast in the morning. She sometimes eats chocolates, sweets and bread-rolls after the second lesson. She always feels very tired and ill at the lesson.

b) Mark the sentences True or False:

  1. Alison is an English schoolgirl.
  2. She studies at the university.
  3. English people have a small breakfast.
  4. English people never have breakfast at home.
  5. Alison always has breakfast.
  6. She eats many sweets.

c) Give advice to Alison what she should do not to be tired and ill.


She should have breakfast every morning.

She should drink hot tea in the morning.

She shouldn’t eat chocolates at school.

She should eat fruit after the second lesson.

If you eat well, you will stay healthy.)


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